Q: How long will the groom take?

Groom times vary but you can expect the groom to take at least 2 hours. Groomers often rush through grooms, making mistakes and stressing out the dogs. We prefer to go only as fast as the dog will allow, this insures the quality and safety of the dog. 

Q: Do you use kennels?

We have found that dogs feel most comfortable when they have their own space but can still feel apart of what's going on.  For this reason we have built custom "cubbies" that are closed on three sides and open at the front with a gate that the dogs are able to see out of. We house siblings together and of course everyone gets their own comfy bed. 

Q: Do you cage dry?

No. We prefer to hand dry dogs to ensure there is no risk of over heating. Hand drying also gives the softest and fluffiest coat finish!

Q: What should I bring with my dog for the groom?

Bring your dog on a leash. If your dog has any allergies you may want to bring treats that will not cause any problems. Most importantly, make sure that you tell us about anything that may impact your dogs stay with us, such as : health issues, behaviour issues, age, intact or altered, past or present injuries, etc. You may also want to bring along some pictures of what you would like your dogs groom to look like.  

Q: When should I start bringing my puppy in for grooming?

Your puppy should have his first groom at around 12-14 weeks old, after he has received his puppy vaccinations. A puppy's first experience at the groomers is exciting but it can be very frightening as well.  To avoid overwhelming the puppy, we take time with the puppy's first 3 appointments to gently teach him about his groom, creating good associations and happy memories. Your puppy's first few hair cuts may not be the best, but soon he will learn what to expect and will come home happy, healthy, and handsome!

Q: Do you groom cats? 

Sadly, no. We are a canine only salon.

Q: Do you express anal glands?

Upon request we will check the anal glands, but as expressing them is considered a veterinary procedure, we leave that pleasure for your vet. 

Q: Do you shave Golden Retrievers?

We do not offer the shaving of double coated breeds, such as Golden Retrievers,  as a service. Shaving is very damaging to the coat of these dogs and can cause health problems. We are happy to explain this further in person as well as to suggest some alternatives that will not harm your dog. 

Q: How far in advance should I book an appointment?

 As we do not offer drop-in appointments, you should book at least two weeks in advance. However, it is prudent to book even earlier during the busy summer and holiday seasons. For those who plan on having a regular grooming schedule, you can opt to be booked in for the whole year and have your schedule emailed to you.  

Q: Do you give actual baths and what shampoo do you use?

The Unleashed Boutique does not use dry shampoos or no-rinse shampoos. We give actual baths with real water! We are proud to use all natural, soap free, fragrance free, dye free EarthBath as our shampoo - safe for the planet and enriching for your dogs skin and coat.