What We Do

The Unleashed Boutique offers a wide variety of services for dogs of all breeds and sizes. All full grooms include a nail trim - ear clean- brush out - bath and hair cut, as well as any duties specific for your dog's breed and coat type


Full Grooms 

Small dog $50-$55

Medium dog  $60+

LArge dog $65+

Giant dog $95+

Puppies  S/M $40  L/G $50


Smooth Coats

SMALL DOG $30-$35

MEDIUM DOG  $40-$50

Lg./Giant DOG $50-$60

PUPPIES  S/M $20-$30L/G $40


Poodle Breed Trims

Toy $55-$70

Mini. $60-$70

Standard $90+



Doodles/Bouviers $90+

Hand stripping $30/hour


Mini Services + Add Ons

BATH S$10 M$20 L$30 G$40

Bath + tidy s$35 M$45 


Nails  s/m $5  l/g $10

Teeth brushing $8

Nail painting $5

Hair dye STENCILLING / COLOURING quoted in person 


*There may be an extra charge added at the groomers discretion if extra time or help is required for behaviour issues or coat neglect.